Celebrity Names 1

Alamin ang tunay na pangalan nila.Kanino ang kaaya-ayang pakinggan?Kanino ang ang di kabanguhan?=))

Aiko Melendez = Aiko Xioxi Blardoni Melendez

Aj Dee = Angel James Dee

Aleck Bovick - Ma. Theresa Bovick Tambis

Alice Dixson = Jessie Alice Salones Dixson

Alma Concepcion = Alma Carvajal Concepcion

Amanda Griffin = Amanda Claire Griffin

Amy Austria = Esmeralda Tuazon

Ana Roces = Marinella Adad-Montenegro

Angel Locsin = Angelica Colmenares

Angelika Dela Cruz = Ma. Lourdes Egger Dela Cruz

Anjo Yllana = Andres Jose Yllana Jr.

Anne Curtis = Anne Ojales Curtis Smith

Antoinette Taus = Antoinette Cherish Flores Taus

Ara Mina = Hazel Klenk Reyes

Assunta de Rossi = Maria Assunta Shiavone

Aubrey Miles = Aubrey Sandel

Bea Alonzo = Phylbert Angellie Ranollo Pagestrom

Belinda Bright = Marian Decima

Beth Tamayo = Elizabeth Jill Tamayo

Bianca Gonzalez = Bianca Monica Malasmas Gonzalez

Bianca King = Bianca Charlotte King

Bing Loyzaga = Carla Loyzaga

Bojo Molina = Ubaldo Punongbayan

Camille Pratts = Sheena Patricia Camille Quiambao Pratts

Carla Loren = Madeline Humphries

Carlos Agassi = Amir Carlos Damaso Vahidi Agassi

Cesar Montano = Cesar Manhilot

Charlene Gonzales = Charlene Mae Bonnin Gonzales

Chynna Ortaleza = Lara Serena Ortaleza

Cindy Kurleto = Cynthia Kurleto

Claudine Barretto = Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto

Cogie Domingo = Redmond Christopher Fernandez Domingo

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