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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ga-ga over Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent is YouTube's newest sensation!

I've seen her video 2 days after her superb performance in the said reality show and I was impressed at her magical voice. While many had doubted her worth as a singer, she has proved them all wrong with her amazing rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Mis.

Here's an excerpt of her exceptional performance in British Got Talent:

I've seen this video a lot several times (search YouTube for more of the complete vids) and i never fail to shed tears and get goose bumps. Definitely a big surprise,no one ever thought such good voice will be delivered by her.

Since then, Ive always been interested in this lady. Someone posted Susan Boyle's 1995 audition in another talent search and pity how the show host gave unbecoming gestures on her performance. I find it really degrading and it was truly a show of mockery. I guess it's about time to have a paradign shift in a business where face value is of high regard.

Here's the video Im talking about:

The then show host Michael Barrymore definitely has missed Susan Boyle's star quality. It's a shame on his part to behave that way and for its audience to find that amusing. How would you justify his actions?Making a living?What kind of man can only make a living by ridiculing other people? Sad..

I believe Susan Boyle will make it all the way. The lady has a wonderful voice. If she doesn't win however, I hope she fully enjoys her moments in the spotlight. Her singing is wonderful.

To Susan Boyle, thank you for the music!

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