AI bids farewell to Matt Giraud

Matt Giraud
America has decided and yesterday it was Matt Giraud's moment to say goodbye.

Im a big fan of Matt.Not my early fave,but Giraud proved his prowess as a singer. I loved his powerful range,his jazzy attacks in every song..and how he slurs (kinulot nya talaga ang mga kanta at halos wala syang tinirang straight..lolz).

I was shocked to see Kris and Adam join him in the bottom 3.I must admit,he is likely to go among the three.

Apparently, I read in an E! article that Matt didn't really want to win the American Idol tilt. He just wanted to perform jazz on that stage. Sourgraping or not, I think he was able to put a mark in the American Idol history.

Now,it is down to four. I still dont know who among Kris,Adam, Allyson and Danny will bag the title as they are distinct in their own way. 3 weeks to go before America again decides on the next idol- man, i cant wait!I think it'll be Kris vs Allison or Kris vs Adam..

Adam, Danny, Allison and Kris stays afloat in American Idol 8

The refreshingly talented remaining few will perform rock 'n' roll songs under the mentor Slash next week.

Daughtry and No Doubt perform on next week's results show.

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