Althea's Antics: Epal

I'd like to share the 'S' (sumpong) of my 4 year old pamangkin-Althea. This incident happened two Sundays ago. I was excited posting my Bohol-Cebu trip on my network accounts. Thea, (as we fondly call her) kept bragging me to stop what I'm doing since she'd like to use the PC too--she's soooo addicted with all this kiddie games on the net. I sheepishly brushed her off my area and said she can have all the time after I'm done. She was making dabog but turned away nevertheless..

While waiting for my pics to get uploaded, I picked up the Knorr Real Sarap I got from Bohol (it was given free by some promodizers). I read the lines " Mas masarap pag real " and was surprised to hear a sarcastic reply from a little voice at my back--- " Hindi, mas masarap yung kay Juday" (pertaining to her Maggi magic Sarap). I suddenly laughed at her maepal na sagot..Hahaha..

2-3 hours had passed and i was still seated in front of the PC..I was simultaneously uploading pics still and was viewing updates on Francis M's passing at YouTube. I missed the event coz we were Bohol when his passing away was announced. Thus, Thea became more impatient waiting for her turn to use the computer. Sabi ko: Sleep ka na..bukas ka na lang mag-computer.. So syempre, bata...nagdabog-dabog na naman. Her Mom, got annoyed and said: " Ang kulit mo Thea! Gusto mo ibalik kita sa tiyan ko ?!" To which Thea replied: " O sige nga, pano?pano? Gusto mo ako pa bumiyak ng tiyan mo?" With matching eyes roll..

Natawa na lang kami sa ka-epalan ng batang ire..

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